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How To Improve Customer Experience


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Every customer service representative is familiar with the anxious feeling of suddenly having an unpleasant and unwelcome interaction with a customer. That moment your positive and warm greeting was received with a hostile reaction.

What is the impact on the customer experience?

Before we dive into how to improve the customer experience Let's look at what pleases customers and what they dislike. We surveyed almost 300 people to discover what makes a customer's experience positive or negative. The effect of any issues on the progress of the project must be evaluated in conjunction with the collaboration AI Technology.

According to 69% of respondents the primary reason consumers were satisfied with their customer experience was due to the fact that the service staff was prompt in responding. 38% of those who responded said they felt that the customer service experience was outstanding due to the fact that they were able to solve the issue. For 28% of respondents, they were impressed because the representative was attentive and understood their needs.

We are always interested in hearing about customer experiences that are positive However, we also wanted to know the reasons why customers had negative experiences. We conducted a survey of nearly 300 people again to discover the truth.

According to 47% of respondents the primary reason why an experience with a customer was unpleasant was the fact that they could not find contact details on the site of the company. In addition, 33% of people are unhappy due to having to deal with long hold time. 29% of respondents experienced a bad customer experience when they kept getting transferred to different representatives.

Once we've identified what delights and upsets customers, let's explore the ways you can go about improving the customer experience.

Illustration of the journey of the customer

It is a good idea to develop an action plan prior to when you embark on a large-scale company initiative. Most of the time, creating a map of your customer's journey is a great place to begin.

The customer journey map shows the steps customers go through when they engage with your company. It covers interactions beyond buying the product. It also includes customer service instances and social media interactions.

It is also crucial to consider both the pre- and post-sales aspects of customer experience. Although it's tempting to spend the majority of your focus on the interactions leading to the sale, what happens after-sales are equally important to creating a complete customer experience. Consider the different interactions that customers engage with your company and how they affect the perception of your customers.

Equip and uplift your employees.

A large portion of the customer experience is determined by the way they interact with other customers when they are on their shopping journey. Employees who feel that they're not valued or equipped enough can have a negative impact on their performance.

It is possible to look at the experience of customers from several angles inside.

Because the customer experience is influenced by every aspect of your company, it's crucial that you don't concentrate on a single department when you conduct an audit of customer experience. We have already mentioned that customers interact with all parts of your business in a particular way. To get a comprehensive picture of CX you need to be aware of the diverse views of your various departments.


Your marketing team will likely be focused on acquiring new customers and will therefore have the most accurate information about the brand's reputation and expectations of users. They'll be able discern the type of content users are most likely to consume and also which leads are most suitable. Learn more about your clients by contacting your marketing team. Communication and sound analysis are the key ingredients. When choosing best AI company it is therefore crucial to determine what two options are used during development.


Sales professionals will be able to gain insight into the beginning phases of the customer relationship. Sales representatives are at top of the customer interaction and their interactions will reveal the motives behind each lead. Sales team members have information on the challenges that customers confront on every day basis, and how they will expect your product or service to help them overcome the obstacles. Your sales team can assist you determine the reason why your leads don't turn into customers, by helping to discover the reasons.

Customer Service

It is important to ensure that your sales and marketing messages are in line with your customers' real-life experiences. Your customer service and success team can provide insight into this reality as they're typically the first line of communication with regards to product feedback and customer frustration. They get honest customer feedback on a regular basis, so welcome their opinions on what's leading to the biggest problems to your clients.

They can also inform you what questions are often asked in call support, and what topics are generating most activity on the feedback forum. The support team at Aisera is the one who works most closely with the user interface. It's beneficial to gather their feedback on the software.

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